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What is

Teledentistry Network consists of independent dentists available to provide virtual consultations to patients. By becoming part of the Teledentistry Network you will be connected to dental companies and commercial entities, giving you the opportunity to provide virtual consultations and care for their customers and members.

How It Works

Patients can “walk-in” to a virtual waiting room or schedule an appointment. They fill out forms, including description of problem /question, and consents. You view the information, and then, simply click on a link to start the video session.

Virtual dental consultations
Teledentistry Network matches licensed dentists with dental-related medications and products.

Teledentistry Network dentists are matched with companies offering dental-related visits, medications, and products so patients can easily request online consultations using industry-leading teledentistry tools.

Referral Network using Teledentistry Network
Teledentistry Network

Why join

Increase Income With Teledentistry

Increase the Value of Your License 

Tap into a new customer-base and expand your reach beyond the four walls of your practice. 


Earn More From Anywhere

Whether you are in the office, at home, or even on vacation, earn additional income from anywhere.


Flexible Schedule

Simply choose your availability and let the bookings begin.

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What is Teledentistry Network

Teledentistry Network consists of independent dentists who offer teledentistry consultations remotely. The network is supported administratively by Teledentistry Network, Inc. and by the Teledentistry Network’s affiliated dental group, Harvey Lee DDS,PC.

Where will my patients come from?

You will be connected to companies who benefit from their customers’ ability to have a live video consultation with a licensed dentist. 

What types of companies use teledentistry?

The companies are varied. They include insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, clear aligner companies, cosmetic dentistry, implants, dentures and more.

How do I get started?

Simply request to join by filling out the form on Once your request is submitted a Teledentistry Network, Inc. team member will reach out to provide you with more details and determine if you will be a fit for the Teledentistry Network.


What is required from me?

Dentists must maintain an unrestricted, active dental license(s). Dentists must inform Teledentistry Network Inc. when they will be unavailable to take calls. Dentists will take reasonable efforts to take calls whenever they have agreed to be available.


Are appointments scheduled or on-demand?

Appointments can be either scheduled in advance or on-demand. It depends on the type of service/company who is using the network and what you've signed up for.

Will I need to be available for 24/7 on-demand appointments?

If you choose to accept on-demand appointments, availability is expected on the days and times you are scheduled. However, Teledentistry Network, Inc. will work with you to minimize after hour calls, if you are chosen.


What about vacation time?

As an independent contractor, you choose which hours/days you will take calls. If you are taking a vacation, simply notify Teledentistry Network, Inc., so that continuity of coverage will continue in your absence.

Will I take calls from anywhere in the country?

No. You will only take calls from patients in the state(s) where \you have an active, unrestricted license.

Can I choose which companies I want to work with?

Yes, but the companies will review your profile, and if you are chosen, you will be given the opportunity to accept or reject.

What determines how a patient is assigned to me?

Patient assignments are determined by:

  1. Pool of dentists who have accepted to work with a company
  2. State license
  3. Insurance credentialing (if applicable)
Will I be able to write prescriptions if necessary?

Yes, but any pain medication prescriptions must be limited to non-narcotic medications.

How much will I get paid?

Payment will be determined by the company who utilizes the network. Typical payments will be about $25 per appointment. Typical appointments are 10 - 15 minutes. You will be given the opportunity to accept or reject the offer.

How will I get paid?

Teledentistry Network, Inc., as billing administrator for the providers, collects all applicable fees from the company and/or patient, and remits to the treating provider his or her agreed portion of the fee.


Does it cost anything to join?


How will it affect my malpractice coverage?

Malpractice terms can vary significantly between carriers. Many malpractice carriers treat teledentistry visits no differently than in-office visits. However, you should check with your carrier.

Will I be an employee?

No. You will be an independent contractor.

Who will dictate my treatment?

The treating dentist retains full autonomy and responsibility for patient care.

What is my time commitment?

Your time commitment is entirely up to you. Naturally, someone with more availability will be a more attractive candidate to the companies who choose their network participants.

How will I get trained?

The software program provided to you is very intuitive and easy to learn quickly. If additional training is needed, Teledentistry Network, Inc. will arrange for your remote training on the application.

What equipment will I need?

Appointments can be done on the web or via an Android or iOS device. If done on the web, a newer PC or laptop with a good camera is recommended.

Can I stop at any time?

Yes, but advance notice will be required.

How can I get support if I have a question?

Teledentistry Network, Inc. prides itself on its communication with the dentists in the network. There will be many support options.



While dental companies and commercial entitles have many innovative services and products to attract dental patients, they needed a way to connect those patients with a locally-licensed dentist to provide a virtual consultation and/or prescriptions. That's where Teledentistry Network comes in.

Though the Teledentistry Network you will be connected with patient-types of your choosing, so that you can easily host virtual consultations and earn more from anywhere.


Our Technology is Your Technology 

Teledentistry Network has affiliated with the industry's leading teledentistry software, Teledentix*, to support, promote, and manage the Teledentistry Network. That means when you join Teledentistry Network, you get access to a premium account in Teledentix. You'll not only use Teledentix to manage your teledentistry schedule and host virtual consultations, you can also use Teledentix in your own practice to offer virtual visits, online scheduling, and other advanced patient communication tools.

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